As the pod lead of Oasis I got to see the entire map from start to finish. Initially, I worked extremely closely with the Level Designer to round combat he wanted to create with the goals of the Directors. This took quite I bit of back and forth on both our part. In the end we got a great believable space with some fun combat areas. An art goal that was give to me was to explore our photogrammetry pipeline. This was exceptionally fun for me and forced me to blend our traditional map building process with newer flows.

As the pod lead I touch nearly all areas of the map at one point or another. Initially, this was mainly contextual/theming work, and outsourcing requests. Then during the art production phase I focused on: the entire market area, Berber tents, motor pool, all the terrain, and vista. Finally, when the bug/polish phase came I was back to working on anything and everything that was need. Shout out to the small crew that made this map. Additional, thanks to High Moon Studios; who awesome at letting me know about the assets they were creating for similar biomes.

As a side note this is one of my personal favorite maps I have art'ed in my COD career.